If, like me, you have used Facebook for some time now and have built up a collection of links to important and useful information. Then you would have realised that all those links and comments by friends and other users could easily be lost and forgotten. Facebook has recently changed its profile making it almost impossible to access all those links to information you probably complied over many years.

Well. With this new blog of My Facebook links all that has now changed. This blog feed allows me to keep an up to date list of all my posts. Its in its early stages yet as you still need to be a member of Facebook to access most of the links. But I am working on that. Plus I have at least 400 links I need to work out how to display. So I am working on that too!

But at least its a start. I have other ideas for things like categories and tags to make searching easier. Its a choice between WordPress and Blogger to see which is easier to work with. So far WordPress seems to be winning!

Stay posted for more progress…

About Kwamla:

I am a UK Liverpool born African-Caribbean blogger. I work in IT and have been writing regularly online since 2008. Researching, via social media, several topics such as: the Origins of People , particularly African peoples; and other more esoteric areas such as Metaphysics, Spirituality and UFOs.

My Main Blogs are:
“My World, Your World & Our World”




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Herneith says:

    How are you doing Kwamla? Looking forward to perusing your blog!


  2. Kwamla says:

    Good to see you take an interest Herneith and I shall stay tuned to yours too!


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